The Maclin Motivation: Hustle Pay The Price Youth and Young Adult Transformational Program helps students realize the importance of their academic experience and how it can shape the overall trajectory of who they become and what their family has the potential to come with the immediate and future decisions they make. Justin’s youth engagements  and workshops focus on practical and real world issues most youth face on a daily bases but nevertheless highlighting how the life opportunities you go after today can contribute to the your overall success and dreams you will come face to face with in the future. Justin Maclin has years of experience dating back his time working in the nonprofit sector with Baton Rouge’s Boys Hope Girls Hope Organization and the LSU Shaquille O’neal Life Skills Program. He has spoken to a wide range of students from California State University – Fullerton Male Success Initiative Program, Long Beach BOSS Academy, California State University-Long Beach Student-athletes, Louisiana State University student-athletes, The ROCK fellowship Church of long Beach, and many more.


Youth and Young Adult Transformation Includes:


  1. Small Group Workshop and Tea Talks

  2. Graduation and Commencement Speeches

  3. Leadership and Communication Programming

  4. Motivational Enlightenment for elementary and colleges


Tel: 562.552.2372



Sacramento, CA

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