“Justin's speech was so needed and valuable. I wish my son was there to hear it. He is in high school and this would have been exactly what he needed to hear.”

Lisa West

Long Beach, CA

“Justin inspires children to stand up and go after what they believe in no matter what obstacle they may face in life. No matter what he reminds them to stay strong.”

Councilwomen Suzie Price

Long Beach, CA

“I am so thankful you could come share in our moment of potential. This is only the beginning for you.”

Dr. Vincent T. Harris  

California State University-Fullerton Male Success Initiative Program

“Justin you are such an incredible person. Such a professional and your authenticity shines through.”

Nicole Fee

Long Beach, CA

"You will slay and inspire young men! I am certain you will be the next magnificent motivator!”

Carole Jones

California State University - Long Beach

“Justin you have the voice to change lives! You are man with a purpose to lead others.”

Pastor Gregory Sanders

Long Beach, CA

“I appreciate your motivation. I appreciate you leaving Memphis and showing folks how it’s done.”

Ferious Williams

Memphis, TN

"Justin has done such an amazing job. One of the most transformational speakers I've had the chance to listen too." 

Jordyn Warren

Orlando, FL

"You encourage me to pursue my photography. Thank you, I appreciate it."

Oneida Gonzalez


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