Justin Maclin is a well verse speaker who offers his services for motivational purposes by bring his life story, educational background, and hunger for success to the forefront. Drawing his personal experiences  relating to minorities, scholastic struggles, split family environments, and “HPTP” mentality. Justin is the epitome of hustle, drive, determination, and success in his own right. He has spoken to minority groups for multiple universities, K-12 schools, nonprofit organizations and anyone looking to become a success story. He also posses and provides the skills to be an Emcee and moderator for special events, conference,  and receptions.

Diversity and Inclusion plays a unique role in the programs of Maclin Motivation. The programs are targeted on both corporate and entrepreneurial minorities in America. This intricate detail is what separates Justin from the rest. In these enlightenment opportunities you will have the chance to learn how to navigate through corporate America as a minority at a high level with the ”HPTP” principle. This motivational enlightenment is both interactive and life altering for those involved.


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Sacramento, CA

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