Letter from the CEO

Thank you for your unwavering support of my passion to serve the community at large and to be a sense of encouragement for the people. I pride myself in being an individual primed  to bring change to the lives of the individuals who need it most and are looking for a push of motivation to reach the goals they questioned and thought weren’t possible.  Maclin Motivation makes this possible by providing leadership programming, youth transformation, communication and speaking consulting, and delivering a message of inspiration that all walks of life can feel and relate too.


Though I am young, I have found my passion in life is to serve others and help them reach their maximum potential. I found that the key to reaching your maximum potential and living the life you have always wanted encompasses my 3B principle, which I live by on a daily bases. The Hustle Pay the Price Principle consist of ”Be Prepared, Be Encouraged, and Be Strong”. The HPTP Principle seems simple in concept but is taken to the next level with Maclin Motivation in a series of ways that I hope to one day be able to broadcast to you in person.


Again, thank you for allowing me to have a platform to live my dream by helping you reach yours.

Life is marathon that must end with success, so why not change the trajectory of yours today.


Much love,

Justin E. Maclin


Tel: 562.552.2372

Email: maclinmotivation@gmail.com

Sacramento, CA

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