Behind the Hustle

What is Hustle Pay the Price? 





  1. force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction.


  2. obtain by forceful action or persuasion or to work hard towards a common goal.


When I think of  the hustle I often refer to myself in my life, not because I put in the most time or because I am the best at something. I refer to myself every day that I wake up and aggressively pursue greatness.


I often wonder where I got this ambition to hustle and go after every opportunity I’m faced with. If you know me, I rarely ever say no or back down and I’m always in attack mode.  I’m always going 100 miles an hour but why?


The answer is Erin Lynn Hammond, my younger cousin. She was the epitome of hustle, she is the "Hustle Pay the Price ." She is who I aspire to be daily.


She is a high school graduate, holds a black belt in karate, and the glue that keeps my family together . She is the reason why I am able to stay motivated and accomplish so many goals.My family and I always use this saying “Fight Like Erin”. It means so much because she was a fighter in everything she did.

On February 8, 2015, Erin passed away from internal bleeding due to her lupus breakout. All I could think about was the day before she passed and we were talking on the phone. She told me "I’m good,  I’m ready to go. They can let me go home, I have things I need to do.” Erin had mentally  fought and beat the disease. We buried her on the day of love, February 14th. Erin paid the price. So everyday I wake up and go after it like it’s my last because of Erin...she put it in my heart to hustle.

Erin was the definition of hustle...Erin was Hustle Pay the Price.


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Hustle Pay the Price


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